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Webinar Nov & Dec 2020- Effective learning environment for ALL during COVID times

"It is not about us (teachers/ facilitators).It is about them (students/ children).” This one line pretty much sums up all about this series of sessions from Usha akka. On 28th Nov and Dec 12 2020, Elina facilitated a discussion with Usha Ramakrishnan ,renowned educationist and emotional intelligence consultant and a small group of thoughtful educators on the topic “ Effective learning environment for all during COVID times” exploring how we can effectively facilitate learning for ALL in online sessions.


Webinar Oct 2020- School Based Occupational Therapy

"OT can benefit all children and school based OT brings in learning as fun for all children including children with special needs." - What a beautiful insight? School based OT has been practised successfully for the past 9 years in in HLC International, an inclusive K-12 school. On 30th October 2020, Elina facilitated a session from Ms. Rajarajeswari Natarajan and Ms. Sukanya Balu, occupational therapists in HLC international with an audience of 50+ participants walking them through how School based Occupational Theraphy is practised at HLC International.

Event Oct 2020- Workshop with Principals

Vidyasagar in collaboration with Samagra shiksha Abhyan and Elina organised for a series of knowledge sharing sessions with Headmasters of Government schools . Headmasters and government representatives from North Chennai , Thiruvallur, Karur and Virudhunagar districts were part of this program. More that 100 participants were part of this 2-month long, 2 day workshops conducted online.

The main objectives of these sessions were to share some success stories of inclusion, understand the barriers or challenges and identify one change that each one can make in their environments. Elina was part of the planning as well as implementation of these sessions.


Why Inclusion in Schools?

Statistics point to a major increase in intellectual and learning disabilities in the past decade and researchers have projected it to be on the rise for the next few years. This indicates increase in diversity of the society and multi ability classrooms will become a norm. Education research across the globe is geared towards understanding the various ways to equip teachers for catering to multi ability classroom. School leaders around the world discuss on inclusion and about resource management for an inclusive set up. Finding and motivating facilitators to work in an inclusive environment requires a major shift in skills, knowledge and attitude.

Team Elina has spent over 2 decades in creating an inclusive environment for learners in HLC International School. We have adopted many of the best practices for inclusion in schools from around the world and contextualised them for children in the Indian sub-continent. We have a very child centric approach and that has been recognized internationally too. We have been officially advicing the Kingdom of Bhutan since 2018.

How would ELINA enable inclusion in your school?

Do you want to make your school spaces more inclusive? Elina has developed a toolkit for inclusion, that will make your school inclusion ready.It comprises of materials, trainings and workshops that are customised and sustainable.This is our 5 step tried and tested approach to achieve inclusion in school environment. Please reach out to us so that we can help you in the process.


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